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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm Pissed off and I know it

This will be a personal post since I have been feeling really crappy lately. If you find this post offensive in some way please do tell me. All comments - may it be bad or good will be highly appreciated.

I am not a girly girl if you meet me in person. I am more of a girl that has spunk. I am nice to the point that I would just look the other way if you offend me. I don't like confrontation EVER. 

Whenever I get negative comments or reactions in my blog posts, youtube videos or even on my Facebook accounts (page and personal account) I would just note them as objective criticism. I sometimes laugh at them because they took the time to say crap in my posts. But if that person did it more that once - THAT MEANS WAR. 

Haters are something that I don't like to deal with. I prefer them as negative people that don't have anything else to do. I basically and utterly hate them. I think most bloggers and personalities don't like them - Admit it you're one of them. 

 I am mainly making this post because I want to let out some steam on what happened to me the other night. I usually update my account around midnight since that is the only time I have to surf, share, and interact with my friends that are still online. One particular night, I posted a picture of myself with a face mask on in my Facebook page and also shared it to my personal Facebook account just to share it to my friends. The picture is a way of saying "I'm still here" kind of message. 

Then I received a comment from a supposed 'friend' I have on Facebook saying that its scary shit. Yes. I just said shit. I will prefer to give this person the name DOUCHE LORD - because he is one. 

DOUCHE LORD have done that to me twice and I just deleted them on the initial times. But this is the third time he did it and I was so freaking mad that I deleted his comment AND I deleted and blocked him on my Facebook account. I also posted a status saying that if you are going to post irrelevant comments on my stuff or say crap about my pictures you better be careful because I will really do something bad. 

I don't want to come off as a war freak but that side of me comes out if I think they are going too far. Its okay to tease me ones in a while but doing it on a daily basis is basically bullying. 

If you are being bullied online by your so called 'friends' delete and block them from your social networking sites and tell them to effin back off or you'll report them - or a much better scare tactic is you can ask someone to hack their accounts but I wouldn't go that far.

Don't be afraid to say what you feel because you have a say about this. It is your life and not theirs.

I know DOUCHE LORD will see this because we have a lot of common friends. I just hope that you can still sleep at night with that attitude of yours. Don't think that you are a gift of God to humanity because in all honesty you are not even worth to be called a MAN. 


Sorry girls I really need to let off some steam and if I said anything bad that is only directed to him, not to anyone else. I hope you understand. 

And just to settle down the heat here's some pictures that will surely make you laugh. 

Have a safe day! Only a day away from my very long weekend! 

Just stay put and chill.  


-- Alice


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