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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am now vlogging and I love it!

Hello ladies! For the past weeks I have been shooting myself some videos.


I have been doing vlog or video blogs for like a week or so. Quite honestly I find it so hard to vlog especially in public for some reason. People would just look at you and stare as if you have a huge sign in your forehead saying I'M WEIRD.

Yeah. I know. I am and I don't care. It actually gives me that feeling that I am free to say whatever I want. Well not everything but you get the picture right?

I'll do a round up every week if possible :D

Here are the videos!

That's it for today's vlog! este blog! haha!

If you wanna see more videos you can check out my channel

Much love!

-- Alice


GeriLen ELinessete said... [Reply]

nice post! ako shy mag upload ng videos sa utube lalu na mag vlog sa public.. idk. maybe someday magagawa ko din, btw,
ganda ng emote mo sa first pic a parang nasa koreanovela lang! hehe

Alice said... [Reply]

@GeriLen ELinessete try mo mag vlog super exciting! haha! peg lang mag emote LOL in fairview freshness ang face ko dyan LOL thanks for dropping by Gerilen! Let's meet up soon k? :)

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