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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Follow The Latest Trends on TV with FOLLOW

Metro Manila's savvy ladies will have a new television show to look forward to with 2nd Avenue's FOLLOW.

Last Thursday I was able to attend the media launch for 2nd Avenue's new show for the savvy chicks out there for FOLLOW. 

FOLLOW is a lifestyle program tailored to appeal Manila's A-class and its aspirants. The show chronicles the people that affects our lifestyle choices to where to eat, what to wear, where to shop - in other words the people we FOLLOW. This show will air on 2nd Avenue starting July 30 2012 at 6pm. It will also have regular airings from Mondays to Fridays at 6pm, 8pm, 8am, and 2pm. 

On today's society, we are mostly online to know what is the latest and also what is trending. Whether it comes to clothes, make up, music, fashion or food - the internet helps us know what, where and who to follow. So I think the show FOLLOW gives us more because they will give us the latest information even if we are not online. 

FOLLOW is created by PR afficionado Philip Abadicio and produced by StyleRPA. RPA stands for 'Real, Personal & All-that Style'. "The show chronicles the people that influences of our lifestyle choices - Fashion, food, arts, music, design, gadgets - basically the people we FOLLOW"

The host of FOLLOW is Mandy dela Rama-Santos. She is a style sophisticate, entrepreneur, mother and wife. She is actually very pretty and elegant and I think she would be a great host because she is elegant, friendly and believable.

I can't wait to see FOLLOW on 2nd Avenue. Will definitely watch it for sure :)

Much love!

-- Alice 

NOTE: Photo credits to Mineeh11 :)


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