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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Impressions: 88 Colors Palette

Hey everyone! For today I will be showing you my first impression for the 88 colors palette I bought. 

I bought this from Cuties and Charms for only 800 pesos which is a little cheaper than most palettes I've seen. 

Within first seeing this product I know that this will be a good addition to my collection for sure. As because it contains most colors I would like to use on my FOTD and also my upcoming gigs ^_^

The palette is a mix of colors so this is for those who would like experiment with colors. There are some neutral shades in the palette but you would really get tempted in trying out the colors as well. 

With flash

 I've used them a couple of times so here are my observations. 

Since this palette comes with sponge tip applicators, I suggest you throw those away. I had a rough time applying the product in my lids using those. They also are not as soft as other sponge tip applicators I've used in the past.

without flash
 Another thing is most colors are chalky buts majority of the colors are pigmented. 

I was a bit disappointed with some of the eye shadows since most of them have shimmer but they don't show up in my face... what was that?!?!

But over all this is a great palette that I think I will use more since most of the colors I like aren't chalky and they are pigmented so I'll settle with that. 

 Do you have any palette recommendations for me? 

I am still searching for good palette so any of your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Please do comment below if you have any suggestions k?

Keep safe everyone! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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