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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wedding Make up Preparations

This coming October my brother is getting married to his fiance and she asked me if I can do the make up for the brides maids which I am part of and also my mom's make up. 

I am quite nervous since honestly speaking I am not an expert make up artist. I think she just saw my youtube videos and she had seen me with full make up on that's why she trusts me to much. I am honored and thankful that she trusted me in doing this. 

Although the wedding is still in October I am getting inspiration in making up looks for me, my mom and the bridesmaids. Its so nerve racking since I need to make the look similar to the motif of the wedding. Here are some of the options I've found so far. 

I like this look since its quite colorful and its good to do on fair skin. But the color is not fitted with the color motif  >.<

I know what you're thinking, I am only supposed to do the make up for the bridesmaid not the bride. I'm just going to get inspiration with this look. 

I actually don't know how to categorize this look since It looks more of a natural look rather than a bridesmaid right? But I love her blush! :) 

Can you suggest looks I can try out for the bridesmaids? I will also go on a shopping trip for make up within this month or next month for the things I can use for the wedding make up gig and also for future gigs as well so all of your suggestions are deeply appreciated! ^_^
I am terribly excited but nervous so wish me luck! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Janine M. said... [Reply]

The last photo! Ugh so going to my makeup inspirations page! ♥

Good luck on your gig, girl! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Janine M. Thanks bebe! ^^, Its pretty cute no? ^^, I think I can do this for the youngest bridesmaid ^_^

Issa said... [Reply]

wow! good luck on your gig sis! i love the photos you got! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Issa Thank you Issa! I miss you na! I hope we can meet and have coffee soon! ^^,

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