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Monday, June 18, 2012

Product Review: Carmex Lip Balm

Happy Monday! I'm pretty sure most of you girls are now enjoying the sun since most of the weekend was gray and rainy. I haven't done a review in a while due to my busy schedule and also I tend to forgot that I have these stored in a folder in my computer, Luckily they were not corrupted nor deleted. 

But any who on today's post I will be reviewing Carmex lip balms. 

I think I got this when I joined Marge and Shen to watch The Vow on Rockwell a couples of months back. Check here to know about that movie. I also did a first impressions post on this here

I got this as my goodie bag and I actually got 2 variants, this one and another one that comes in a tube packaging. I wasn't able to take a picture of that one since I gave it to one of my clients to say thank you in hiring me as her make up artist for her photo shoot. 

I simultaneously use this with my HiP Jelly Balm since there are those days that my lips tend to be drier than ever. Like during the weekend. pft! I also get dry lips because of my matte lippies. I love my matte lippies but they get my lips dry like the Sahara dessert!

If you compare my lips to other girls' you might say that mines pretty normal but my lips tend to get chappy and dry when the weather is too much.  Too cold or too hot weather makes my lips chappy like it had suffered a sun burn. My poor babies! That's why I always have to keep my lip balms handy in case I need to re-apply.

I can say that this lip balm is something that is so much different than the other lip balms I've tried. I like that its well sealed when I got it and it has a click stick packaging since it controls how much product you put out. The scent is pretty nice too since it comes in strawberry, but if strawberry isn't your peg you can try out their original one or in cherry.Initially I didn't like the after feel of this product because the menthol feel is a tad strong for my taste but you'll get used to it.

Carmex lip balms come in several packages to fit your peg. If you want to put your fingers in it (excuse the term) you can go for their jar packaging that costs 99.75PHP (approx 2.34 USD). If you would like to try the click stick for that on the go lip balm it costs 109.75PHP (approx 2.58 USD). Lastly for the tube lip balm it costs also 109.75PHP (approx 2.58 USD)

Lez go to the low down shall we?

Things I like: 

-- Well sealed and cap doesn't come off easily.
-- Minty! It has a plump lips feel when I use it.
-- It has SPF 15. 'nuf said.
-- Locally available.
-- Has different packaging to choose from. But if you ask me go for the click stick form.
-- Affordable. 

Things I don't like: 

-- Has that semi heavy feel to the lips on the first application. But it fades away pretty fast.

- Some may not like the scent of this product and also the menthol concentrate of this product but it is tolerable for me.


I really like this lip balm like the Human Heart Nature lip balm I had a couple of months back. Its good to use on lazy days and if you are not planning on applying make up that day but you don't want your lips to be dry throughout the day.

Will I repurchase? 

Yes. I will try out the other flavors if they are good.

Who Do I Recommend This?

I would be recommend this to girls who wants to have moisturized lips. Carmex lip balms are not too waxy for my preference but it would depend on you if you would like to try them.

Have you tried this lip balm? What do you think of it?

For more information about carmex products you can go to their Facebook page at

I'll be doing a lot of reviews for this week and also next week so be sure to drop by often ^^,

Much Love!

-- Alice

NOTE: The product feature in this review was given to me but I was not told nor influenced to make this review. All opinions expressed in this review is my own.


Arrienne said... [Reply]

I really want to try this out. Thanks for the review Alice~^^

LOVE: Arrienne

Alice said... [Reply]

@Arrienne Thanks for reading my review! ^^,

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Carmex is the best lipbalm I've ever tried, and I'm picky with what I use on my lips! Unfortunately I live in Norway and the click stick isn't available here, but I use both the jar and tube. Cherry or classic is my favourite flavours, strawberry smells a little too synthetic for my taste.

Alice said... [Reply]

@Anonymous really? I didn't know the click stick is not available there.. I hope it will be available soon ^^, And also thanks for dropping by my blog ^^,

elise martha said... [Reply]

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Angelica Ocampo said... [Reply]

hi, thanks for the review. I‘m just wondering where can I get hold of these lip beauties... I live in Cavite. I went to drugstores like Watsons, but cannot find them..

Alice said... [Reply]

@Angelica Ocampo Hi Angelica! I think you can also buy carmex lipbalm in SM Dept. Store :) Thanks for reading! :)

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