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Monday, June 4, 2012

May 2012 Hauls - Koshize, Ever Bilena, Avon, Victoria Secret

Hello ladies! Happy Monday! 

I went all out last May with purchasing some items. I kinda like it but hate it also since I am intending on saving up some money... oh well but let's get started shall we? 

1. Lippies! 

I bought four lippies which are:

Ever Bilena Lipstick in Sunshine -- Nude / Brown Shade 
Price: 160PHP (approx 3.67USD)

Kozhize Lipstick in Dazzling Peach -- Peach Shade
Price: 160PHP (approx 3.67USD)

Victoria Secret Lipstick in B03 and B06 -- B03 has a baby pink with a little frost shade while B06 has a peach - salmon like color. 
Price: 100PHP/each (approx 2.29USD/each)

I know I have tons of lippies in my collection but I just can't help it :D these are my addictions if you can say.

2. Face Masks + Face powder

Since Avon had a sale...well they always do but they had a sale on their face masks which got me interested.  And since I haven't had a face mask in a while I bought this two to try out. 

Avon clear skin blemish clearing face mask 
Price: 129PHP (approx 2.96USD)

Avon naturals tea tree oil and green tea mask
Price: 99PHP (approx 2.27USD)

Avon Simply Pretty pressed powder (not in the picture)
Price: 75PHP (approx 1.72USD)

3. Body Wash

I bought two body washes this month because I have been loving body washes for the longest time. For some reason they just makes my body feels a bit fresher than soap bars for some reason. 

Keri bath chamomile and cucumber body wash 
Price: 60PHP (approx 1.38USD)

Victoria Secret Forever Blushing body wash 
Price: 500PHP (approx 11.46USD)

And lastly

4. Accessories! 

I am loving accessories nowadays since they really make a difference in my outfit. I bought these two for 150PHP (approx 3.44USD) each which is a great deal. 

Those are the stuff I got for this month of May. I just hope I won't be able to spend that much within the month of June. 

Wish me luck! :) 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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