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Monday, June 11, 2012

Make up 101: Make up Tools

In make up it is really important to have the proper tools in applying make up because one thing I know is blending is key to getting the perfect make up look.
Besides from our hands, make up tools such as sponge tip applicators, sponges and also brushes holds the key to getting that look all together.

Lets start with sponge tip applicators.

With sponge tip applicators, these can be bought from your local beauty store or it can be included with your eyeshadow kit. This is great if you are just using one to two colors and also for smudging your eyeliner for that smokey effect. Another alternative for that is Qtips which can be bought at the local drugstore.

The only flaw of this is that it is not reusable and you have to throw it away since bacteria will be able to live in it.

If your peg is using sponge tip applicators I suggest that you get lots of Qtips instead since its much cheaper and its much easier to use.

For Make up sponges

I am very fond of these since I have been using make up sponges for the longest time. I would personally prefer applying my cream and liquid foundation using this. Sponges also lasts a long time since you can wash them.

Believe it or not my mom can actually apply full make up using only a make up sponge. I seriously want to learn that but sadly when you use a sponge to apply your foundation, especially liquid foundation it will only be absorbed by the sponge and there will only be little product that will be transferred to your face.

Also like the sponge tip applicators, sponges can be prone to bacteria build up. So I would suggest washing your sponge after use and let it dry quickly to avoid bacteria build up.

Now for make up brushes

Make up brushes come in different sizes and functions. I'll be more specific with these on my next make up 101 post. But for now lets see the good and bad points of these. For one in terms of application they just give out the right consistency - especially with foundation brushes. They also last long like the make up sponges. They can last as long as you take care of them. These actually come in two variants which are the natural and the synthetic.

One thing though that gives out a negative vibe to me is most brushes costs a lot - may it be individual brushes or set brushes. Most of the expensive brushes out there are natural hair brushes since you are dealing with hair similar to our own hair which requires a lot of maintenance.

In terms of maintenance, brushes are a little high maintenance so you need some baby shampoo or liquid detergent to wash the grime from your brushes. But overall these brushes are worth it if you really need them.

Over all its your choice if you want to go with sponge tip applicators, Sponges and make up brushes. So make sure that you choose wisely in your make up tools.

Much Love!

-- Alice 

Note: I am not a make up professional and all these are based on my experience and opinions.


SassySushee said... [Reply]

This is so true! Brushes really matters in applying a make-up. I've been eyeing to use that beauty blender for long time. Thinking of getting one now! Thanks for this review, so useful :)

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