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Friday, June 8, 2012

Kpop Fridays: Boyfriend!

Happy Friday! 

Every night after I walk Georgia, I would either go online to check posts/answer emails/tweet or RT/blog/Facebook and watch youtube, but there are days that I prefer to just watch TV and I mostly watch programs from TVn which is a Korean cable station. 

One of the shows that I watch a lot is Boyfriend TV. For some reason I've grown fond of these six guys - especially the twins Youngmin and Kwangmin. They remind me of someone I know but I can't say who LOL.

I could honestly say that I am addicted to them since I  have done some research about them. Here's what I got so far. 

Boyfriend consists of six members - 
Kim Dong hyun ( ), Age 23, Birthday: February 12 1989
Shim Hyun seong ( ),  Age 18, Birthday: June 09 1993
Lee Jeong min ( ) , Age 18, Birthday: January 2 1994
Jo Young min ( ), Age 17, Birthday: April 24 1995
Jo Kwang min ( ),  Age 17, Birthday: April 24 1995
No Minwoo (아무 없음) Age 16, Birthday: July 31 1995

10 Trivia about Boyfriend!

1. Youngmin is older than Kwangmin by 6 minutes. 
2. Minwoo has been featured in label mate K.Will's MV prior to being part of Boy Friend. 
3. Kwang min and Young Min also were back up dancers of K.will in one of his songs. 
3. Dong Hyun is friends with Wonder Girls's member Yu Bin 
4. Young Kwang actually means Honor. 
5. Young min has to dye his hair blond prior to their debut since people won't tell apart who is Young min to Kwang min.
6. Boyfriend is the first Kpop group that has twins.
7. Min woo can copy idol girl moves.
8. Kwang min and Young min were JYP trainees prior to their debut.
9. May 27, 2011 is their debut date.
10.  They only have to rehearse their new choreography for their song 'Boyfriend' for 2 days before their debut.

I have been really loving these guys because they are so darn cute on Boyfriend TV in which they attend a school in which it will help them on their way to become global stars.

I do hope that they visit the Philippines for their Philippine fans ^_^

By the way, since no one answered the Kpop Quiz last week I will be holding the prize for a while. The prize is actually a gift pack from Heno de Pravia. But since no one answered the Kpop Quiz last week the prize will just be put away the next time I will be holding a quiz.

Oh by the way tomorrow I will be at Eastwood  for the Axe Anarchy Raid, so if you would like to meet me be sure to tweet me first my twitter is @ytphotoescape.

See you there!

Much Love!

-- Alice


Kathy Grace said... [Reply]

=) you're fun to read :) keep up the good work. see you soon. =)

Kathy Grace said... [Reply]

=) you're fun to read :) keep up the good work. see you soon. =)

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