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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How To: Dress up for Your Body Shape

Hello ladies! 

Most people that know me personally know that I don't dress up much. Not that I don't have any style in my body but simply I don't give a lot of attention in that area, but when I do you better watch out LOL. 

But kidding aside dressing up is something other girls really give a big deal since it can really show how much you want to stand out without doing too much. 

I will be telling you on how to dress up for your body shape. 

There are basically different types of body shapes, but for this post I will just talk about the four basic body shapes: Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Rectangle or Boyish shape. You will also know if you are either of the four by its characteristics. You can also know in another post I made here.


I am an apple shape so let's start with that. With apple shapes the most prominent part of the body is the midsection A.K.A the tummy area. Most apple shapes tend to get more attention to the midsection so the only way for that is to hide the emphasis on the midsection.

No No's for Apple Shapes

- Pleated skirts
- No skinny Jeans (I know I'm hurt too!)
- bulky tops is a no no.

Must Haves for this shape

- For skirts, knee or calf length will be best. 
- Good news, if we can't have skinny jeans we can go for low rise jeans! 
- Empire line dresses hides the attention to the mid section. 
- go a little lower for the neck like to keep the attention from the midsection. 

Now moving on to Pear shapes


You can categorize pear shapes as girls who are bottome heavy. They are usually big around the hips and thighs area and mostly these shapes are slimmer at the upper part of the body. A good thing about pear shapes is that they have a flat stomach. What is needed mostly for these ladies is more balance from the upper and lower part of the body. 

No Nos:

- Do not go for tube tops.
- Pencil cut skirts are also a no no since they will accentuate your bottom more. 
- Anything that is tight and stretchy fitting on your bottoms are bad. 

Must Have's:

- A-line dresses will skim over the hips which is good. 
- Mid rise styles of jeans will be most flattering for your shape. 
- A line skirts and full circle skirts are great for this shapes.
- Try adding some shrugs and gilets to that plain  white top so you will stand out. 

Let's go to Hour Glass shape. 


Hourglass figures are mostly the perfect figure since the proportion between the upper and lower body is just equal and their asset is their waist. Oh how I envy this body shape! but there are also some loop holes with this body type that we'll be talking about. 

No No's for Hour Glass body: 

- Empire cut dresses are a no no since it will make their waist non existent. Same with straight dresses. 
- Cargo pants puts more bulk in the bottom part. 
- Fishtail skirts brings out the bottom so steer clear from this one. 
- baggy tops will make your upper body look unproportioned. 

 Must haves for Hour glass:

- halterneck tops and square neck tops are fab for this body type! 
- Pencil skirts is a great thing to have. 
- boot cut or flared pants are a must have. 
- wrap dresses and strapless dresses will emphasize your body shape more in a good way. 

And lastly we'll go to the rectangle body shape


Mostly rectangle body shapes have a straight body or a boyish so the only way to bring out the sexiness for this body shape is to give out the illusion of curves. 

No No's for rectangle shapes: 

- combats and cargo pants. They give you a more boyish look so stay away from this. 
- too puffy skirts will put your body out of proportion. 
- crop tops will actually give your lower body more of the attention. 

Must Have for rectangle shapes: 

- halterneck dresses will make you look great. 
- skinny jeans will be your best friend for sure. 
- go for tulip skirts for the illusion of bigger hips
- racer backs, round high necks are flattering. 

That's it for today's post! I hope that you were able to pick up some tricks. 

What is your body shape? Was this blog post helpful for you?

Let me know on the comment box! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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