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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haters Gon' Hate More - I.DON'T.CARE

The title may seem so bitter and full of spite but that is just how I feel about haters...sometimes. If you are one of my subbies on my youtube channel you will know that I've had a fair share of videos responding to these hateful comments from some one who I don't know why hates my videos.

This video was actually sent to me by my friend Marge A.k.A. Kikaytrekkie a couple of days ago and lucky enough I was able to watch it at home last night.

This is my respond to you dear haters somewhere in the deep parallels of the internet.

I've had responded to hate emails and comments but nothing seems to cease me and my passion to write and make videos once in a while. And also I take in credit if they gave me an objective criticism or just a lame excuse to troll me. Sorry ain't gonna fall for that. 

If you have watched the video and you have experienced the same thing you can just send the link of the video to your hater to let them know that even if we hate them we still love them since its a good thing that you have haters. That sounded ironic for some reason but it makes a point doesn't it?

Again, to my haters out there THANK YOU for criticizing me.

So how do you deal with haters?

Let me know on the comment box below.

Much Love!

-- Alice  


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