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Monday, June 4, 2012

Diet Diary: - My weightloss go-to website

In any weight loss journey the buddy system is a must since the person you're sharing the experience can help you also lose the weight and give you support in your weight loss.

Currently I can say that my weight loss journey is my dog Georgia. I know it may sound weird but Georgia joins me when I'm running and also she is the sole reminder that I need to move more since she also needs to. But besides from Georgia I also check out this website for some tips with weight loss.

I initially checked out Kodjoworkout on youtube since I have subscribed to his channel. Incidentally Kodjo also subscribed to mine which is awesome (Thanks Kodjo). We also followed each other on twitter in which it was surprising that on twitter he gives out advised and also shows what he is eating at the moment.

One awesome thing I like about his channel is that it doesn't just focus on exercise routines but also on the food intake. He has videos in which they show food alternatives or how to cook diet friendly meals. His youtube also shows some clips of knowing a good food choice from a bad food choice.

I have been reading and also watching some of Kodjo's videos and I have also tried some out and his workouts are quite easy to remember so its really great because you can do these routines even if your schedule is so packed.

Visit Kodjo's website @ for more tips!

Much love!

-- Alice


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