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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Computers Crashin' and Broken Lippies


My computer has crashed for some reason AND my niece and my nephew broke my new lipsticks. My day couldn't get any worse right? 

But none the less I was still able to blog about my day so far. I need to do the necessary things before its too late. I need to make a back up file on my pictures. All my precious pictures and videos. I still have some videos I need to upload on my youtube channel. Oh what a joy! I'll be up all night again trying to know which ones should I keep or not. 

Its not really a problem for me to make back up for my files, its just really tiresome when this happens. This had happened to me for I think 10 times already and I am really hoping to have it restored ASAP. 

About the lipstick, don't get my started on that. My mom simply told me that my niece and nephew were able to get a hold of my new victoria secret lippies which are from Singapore by the way. 

I was supposed to use them for upcoming tutorials but when I saw them they were like crayons that were overused. The look on my face when it happened was horrendous. I couldn't believe my angelic looking niece and nephew did it. 

But I've learned my lesson. 



But above anything else my day is going well since even if I have to go to work its okay since ITS DOUBLE PAY! haha! I am quite glad that its double pay here since I work for a Korean company.

So how's your day going so far? 

 I would love to hear if your day is doing so far. Let me know on the comment box below okay? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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