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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Product Review: C219 Deluxe Buffer Brush


I haven't done reviews in a while and I miss it! 

For today's review is one of my current brushes from crown brushes. 

At first I thought this was part of Bella Pierre but it was from a different company. I honestly haven't heard of crown brushes. 

I bought this brush for a whopping 350 PHP (8.18 USD) And I think its a bit expensive for a kabuki/buffer brush. The brushes are quite soft and good quality although it sheds a lot after washing it. 

Let us go now to the Pro's and Cons shall we?

- Fits in my make up bag perfectly.
- quite dense. 
- Picks up the right amount of product. 
 - Doesn't bleed after washing the brush
- A bit expensive for a kabuki/buffer brush.
- Takes a long time drying
- sheds a lot after first time I washed it. 
- Not available locally. 


I love it since it has been a saver but I hated that it takes me at least a day and a half of waiting for this brush to dry. Its a so so unfortunately. 

Will I repurchase? 

I don't think so since its not available locally. I might go for cheaper brands. 

I will be doing another review for my bella pierre brushes soon so watch out! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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