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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week Presents Bench/OJ + Rajo Laurel

Credits to Oscar
Last Sunday (May 27 2012) I was able to attend Rajo Laurel's fashion show with Bench during Philippine Fashion Week. 

I was definitely excited since Rajo Laurel is one of my favorite designers and Bench is partnering with him with this collection which is great since most Filipinos buy from Bench. 

Enchong Dee dancing like there is no tomorrow (Credits to Oscar)

The show started at around 8pm with an ecstatic number from Bench's endorsers Enchong Dee, Joseph Marco, Sam Conception, Steven Silva, and Enzo Pineda just to name a few.  The venue was packed that when the fashion show began everyone had to stand up to see the collection and the performances.

Of course with the performance the people were hyped to see the collection which is like a dual personality between prim and proper to venturing to your wild side. I was more inclined with the wild style since its very different which would help you stand out in the crowd.

Credits to Oscar! :)
I was really impressed with the performance and also the collection itself since its very unique and also the collection encourages you to go out of your comfort zone.

This fashion show was actually different from the usual fashion shows since it is a fashion show and a party at the same time. It was also Rajo Laurel's birthday that night so it was really a great celebration.

credits to Oscar :)

I wasn't able to talk to Rajo Laurel although I have some questions for him but I know there will definitely be another time for that in the future. 

This was actually my first time seeing a fashion show from Bench and all I can say is it is fabulous. The technicalities of the whole show was beyond from what I expected. It was more than a fashion show, it was a party to remember that's for sure. 

Dominique and Allison from America's Next Top Model were also there so it was really cool seeing them. 

Congratulations again to Rajo Laurel and Bench for the launch of another great collection. 

Can't wait to buy one real soon! 

Have you also seen the Michael Cinco x Rajo Laurel fashion show by Bench? 

What do you think about it? Let me know on the comment box below! 

Much love!

-- Alice


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