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Friday, May 18, 2012

Kpop Friday: Sub Units

Happy Friday! 

For some reason I thought it was still Wednesday! LOL but enough about that lez gow to our Kpop Friday for this week shall we?

I am seriously a newbie for some new terms in the Hallyu world. One of them is Sub Unit. According to what my other Kpop fan friends, Sub Unit is a group composed of members from their original group or it is a collaboration between two groups. Prominent examples are After School which has Orange Caramel, After School Red and Blue Super Junior that has Super Junior M and KRY. 

There are lots of Sub units group in the Hallyu world which presents a different side from the usual groups.

I think Sub Groups are better since most of them showcase music that is  a bit different from the usual songs they sing. Out of all the sub units I know I think my favorite is Trouble Maker. I just love the chemistry of Hyuna and Hyunseung - its like they are lovers or something.

What is your favorite Kpop Sub unit?

Let me know on the comment box below and I'll talk to you soon!

Happy Weekend!

Much Love!

-- Alice


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