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Friday, May 25, 2012

Kpop Friday: Jessica's Humiliating Hurl Down Pitch and other Kpop blunders

credits to koreanupdates ^^.

Have you heard the news about Jessica of Girls Generation having a bad pitch? I actually laughed when I heard this since it even got noticed by ESPN. 

The cool thing about it is Jessica laughed it out and that saved her from total embarrassment. I would admit I am not good at sports but I try them just for fun. I commend Jessica for still making the situation funny and cute also.

This happened when she was asked to do the opening pitch during the game of LG vs. Samsung last May 11.

I would say her form in doing the pitch was good but maybe she wasn't able to wind it up that much so it resulted to a weak throw. And because of what happened, the incident spread like wildfire in the internet reaching Huffington Post and also ESPN.

Her pitch would definitely be part of the worst pitches but she did her best to not show how embarrassed she was on what happened by laughing it off with everyone.

See it for yourself ^^,

Kpop idols do have times that they put themselves in embarrassing situations. One other example is IU.

IU is mostly known for being the nation's little sister but she is also known as the "Ggwadang Girl," with "gwadang" pertaining to a sound made after a fall. IU fell on camera not once but twice. But after those falls she just laughed it off.

IU's fall was during the Samsung Thunder's game last February and also at the 2011 Melon awards. Here is the video during the Melon awards.

Like everyone else, Kpop Idols are also human so its pretty normal to see them experience this and also its much better if they handled the situation in a lighter manner which shows their natural side.

You can actually see a lot of Kpop blunders on Youtube. Some are funny while some are just plain...dumb but nonetheless they will leave an impression on you.

Do you know any Kpop blunders? Tell me more on the comment box below.

Much Love!

-- Alice


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