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Monday, May 21, 2012

How I do my brows

Happy Monday!

The brows are like the frames of our face so taking care of them would really help make you look much better.

I trim my brows once a month since it takes a long time for my brows to grow back for some reason. My mom actually shaves it since its her expertise.

I usually don't apply brow pencil or powder on my brows everyday since my brows are relatively thick. I only do this trick when there is an event I go to or when it is really needed. And if there will be lots of pictures my brows usually disappear in the picture I don't know why.

Without brow powder
There are several things you need to remember when filling in your brows. If you are using a brow pencil or powder do not use black. Black is a harsh color that can make you look angry. Trust me I did that once when I was younger and I've learned.

Choose a color at least 2 shades darker than your natural hair color. But if you are a brunette go for a warm shade of brown. If you have blond hair I suggest at least one shade darker than your hair color.

And also when apply brow powder or brow pencil do it using light strokes so it would look like hair as well.

With brow powder

Also consider looking for the perfect shape for your brows. Check the illustration below.

photo credits to

In the video I used my Maxfactor brow kit but if you don't have one you can use eyeshadow powder as a substitute.

If you are a beginner I suggest use a stencil as your guide or use the illustration as your guide below as your guide.

credits to

I hope these tips helped you in knowing your brows better.

Much Love!

-- Alice


GeriLen ELinessete said... [Reply]

very informative :)
my love/hate relationship ako sa brows ko e.. im so envious you have eyebrows to work with at the first place!

Janine M. said... [Reply]

Nice tips! ♥ Issue ko sa brows ko hindi pantay! My friend messed with it two years ago and she left before finishing the right side! :))

Btw, I have a giveaway going on! Hope you could join :D Nin Monster in Manila x Asian Vogue Shop Php1000 GC Giveaway

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