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Monday, May 14, 2012

Filipino Bloggers Hub: A Simple Acquaintance Party

In the cyber world where all bloggers are moving-
in has become more challenging due to different
trends that have been born from time to time in
every click and tick of their finger on the mouse.
As the blogger pursue their passion, they tend to
produce more effective write-ups that are based
on their experiences, observation and even with
their own opinion.
Blogging nowadays has become a new portal to showcase brands and products since its an easier ways for consumers since there is a more personal point of view.

But even though there are a lot of bloggers out there do we know each other personally or at least we are acquainted? I do know some but not all of them. I would be really nice to get to know some of them.

Moreover, the blogosphere in the Philippines is just a small piece of the universal blogosphere.
Where is so impossible to know the person one by one in a particular websites or blog site?
And so, bloggers created an event that we called “Filipino Bloggers Hub Party” to get a chance
to see, meet and know the person behind in every blog that we read, follow and subscribe to.

On the 19th of May 2012, 1:00pm at the Central Colleges of the Philippines, bloggers around
the Metro will gather to have a simple acquaintance party with full of surprises, giveaways, fun
games and raffles. This is the chance to meet and know other bloggers, and this is the day that
all bloggers will unite and promise to continue what started intelligently as to give people good,
and balance information that people want to know.

To all bloggers in the Metro out there, we would love to know you more and see you in the 1 st
Filipino Bloggers Hub Party of the year!

This event has been sponsored by Central Colleges of the Philippines, San Marino, Dianna
Stalder, Human Nature, Tiger Energy, Classic Savory, MedChef, MEGA Publishing Group,
OkayOkay, Get Beauteous, Taste of Goodness, Tablets Mania

See you there! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Memoirs of a Wannabe Goddess said... [Reply]

Hi Sis! Do you need an invitation to go to this event?

Photoescape said... [Reply]

I think they have a sign up sheet you can go to. Email me @ so I can send you that link and the other details :)

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