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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ever Bilena Cosmetic Collection Series: Colorful Pastels Look

Ola ladies! 

This is the last look for the Ever Bilena Cosmetics Collections palette that I have. I wasn't actually going to post this look but I think its worth the shot since it took me forever to get it done...exaggeration lang :D

I also wore this look one time when we visited my dad at Heritage Park. If you are not really a big fan of using lots of colors in your eye make up you can definitely use this as a step to try to embrace the colors. 


The main colors of this look is blue (crease), pink (inner part of the lids), and green (waterline). This is really fun, simple and easy to do. 

I accidentally looked the other way because my mom called me #fail

Products used 

Maybelline BB cream in fresh
Ever Bilena Cosmetics collection Set A
Avon Big Eye Pencil in Emerald
Avon Simply Pretty Total Curl Mascara 

The bad thing about the video is that my camera died on me when I was just about to finish the look. I gotta buy new batteries with this camera for sure. 

Are you a neutrals girl or can you rock the colors day thru night? Let me know at the comments box below. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Cristina Soriano said... [Reply]

I'm more into neutrals :)) btw, nice video :DDDD

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