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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Diabetes and living with it

Me and my Papa

As you all know my dad has passed due to complications with Diabetes. It was hard when I lost my dad since he is the man when it comes to electronics and also photography stuff since its one of his so-called hobbies. I have lived my whole life knowing this disease that requires you to be on medication throughout your life. My dad has type 2 diabetes which requires him to constantly be on medications.

Diabetes is something that can't be cured but it can be slowed down with medications, proper diet and lots of exercise. 

There are only three types of diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes. 

Type 1 Diabetes is the one that requires you to inject the insulin in your body, this type is a serious one but quite rare. Type 2 diabetes has more of the decrease insulin reaction. Type 2 diabetes is more common that Type 1. For gestational diabetes this only happens on women that are pregnant. 

So here's the thing: How do you know if someone has diabetes? 

There are actually a lot of diabetes symptoms like extreme thirst, dry skin, frequent urination, drowsiness, blurred vision, and extreme hunger among others.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which means that we need to take care of ourselves not to get this. A bigger risk in getting diabetes is if it runs into your family. This is not a big shocker to me since I have known that in my dad's side of the family diabetes or complications to it is the cause of death. That is why I am making a change in myself so that I hope in the future I won't get diabetes.

First thing that we can do is change our lifestyle. By simply eating less fatty food and junk food can help. Eating more vegetables and fruits instead of chips will help you lose those extra baggage. Also moderating your soda and alcohol intake will help you in changing your lifestyle.

Exercising is another step for a healthier life. As simple as walking your dog or doing some crunches everyday can really make a difference.

Lastly is consulting your doctor. Going to the doctor regularly to check how your body is doing will help you know your body more. Its also recommended  to have your blood sugar checked regularly which can cost a lot of money.

I was really glad when I was able to attend a dinner with LifeScan and Johnsons & Johnson in which they talked about diabetes and also how we can still live a normal life with it.

They featured their latest product which is OneTouch SelectSimple which is a blood sugar analyzer. For 1,800 pesos you will be able to check your blood sugar regularly without any codes to input in the product. We were also able to test out the product by having a pre-meal and post meal test.

The night was really an enlightening experience not only I was able to meet new friends and other people that has diabetes, I was able to know more about diabetes that my dad wasn't able to tell me. My dad was very health conscious because of his condition.

pre-meal test result.

I got 82 as my pre-meal test. For my post meal it was 131 or 132 which was higher than the normal range. I should really cut down on the carbs and the sweets. I am really saving up to buy this kit since I will be able to use it at home with me and my family.

I do hope some of the information posted above will be able to help you about diabetes and also know more about things that can help you live a normal life with diabetes.

Try OneTouch SelectSimple so you can also know your blood sugar regularly. This is being retailed at Watson's and other pharmacies nationwide.
 Much Love!

-- Alice 


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