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Monday, May 7, 2012

April Faves, Hauls and Empties!!

Ola ladies! Last April was I think one of the fastest months I had...well may be since everything just went by so fast and all. 

And with that, I actually got a lot of things emptied by the last week of April which was really nice :)

Let's start with my hauls for the month of April. 

I only bought 2 items for this month then my friend Michelle gave me a small gift she bought for me when she went to the US a month or so ago. 

First item is the Avon Transforming Liquid Eyeliner. I initially got this because I was curious if it can really transform my powder eyeshadow to become eyeliner. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if it works. 

I also got the total curl mascara from Avon, this is actually my first time to try this so I think I will also include this in my upcoming reviews. 

Lastly was my friend's gift to me. She got me the Maybelline Expert Eyes Trio in Tasseled Taupes. I was so happy when I got this because I was looking for a great neutral trio if ever I have to throw away my palettes. I haven't opened this yet because I am still using my other palettes. 

Let's move on to my Faves for April. I was mostly on trips this month so I used a lot of items. There were repeaters in my list like my HiP Jelly Balm and also my Maybelline BB cream, so I won't be talking about them though.

One of my favorites this April was actually my citrus and basil body creme from bath and body works. I really like this product since it also acted as my after sun lotion because I had a bad case of sun burn. Unfortunately I have finished it already so I'm thinking of re-purchasing when I finished my other body creams. 

Another favorite is my Bath and body works body spray in Charmed life. I will make another post about why I have been loving this. Another favorite I have for this month is Heno de Pravia soaps. I have been using this since I was younger so it kinda brings me back to my childhood days. I especially like that they have more variants now. 

I have also been loving my Anne Klein shades since it protects my eyes from the sun and also its kinda looks like CL-ish or the shades Lady Gaga has LOL. Another thing I have been uber loving is the Bella pierre angled blush brush since its really handy and picks up just the right amount of product. 

Now lets move on to Empties! 

I had a total of 7 empties this April which was awesome!!! :D Here they are

Ever Bilena Sheer pressed powder in soft sand
LA colors blush in pink blush
St. Ives Apricot invigorating Scrub  
Bath and Body Work's body cream in citrus and basic and body spray in pink grapefruit
Avon's Little Red Dress
Sophie Paris' Refreshing mask in green tea. 

That's it for today's post. I made this a 3-in-1 post since I know I'm a little late now in posting this haha! 

I promise I will be on time to post this next month! 

so...what have you been loving? Let me know on the comment box

I really want to know what products you have been loving ^^, 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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