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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Updates! Updates! + Hater Alert!

Ola ladies! I haven't blogged for a couple of days because:

1. I am currently suffering from sun burn from my recent outing with my office mates.

2. I have a hater that I tracked down. 

Lez gow to number 1 I am so ashamed/glad/sad/embarrassed/happy (yes all at the same time) because after nearly 3 years I got myself sun burned AGAIN. Last time was 3 years ago when me and my guy friends went to Baler for a weekend of surfing. I got really burned back then and I promised myself it won't happen again, but alas it did happen again. 

I was glad because I was able to reduce my fairness. Being fair skinned has its fair share of good and bad perks. The down side though is I still stuck out as a soar thumb because of the redness. Luckily I was able to buy aloe vera gel to soothe my skin whenever I am feeling the urge to scratch my skin. 

Lets go to the second one which is my hater. For a couple of days there is this youtube who will not be named anymore that kept saying bad stuff about my videos. From saying I need to dress up and put make up to basically saying that I need to stop making videos because they are pathetic. Well if they are so darn pathetic why did you watch all of my 202 videos and commented on each one of them? 

I know there are different strategies you can do to stop those haters. I have done a vlog and a blog post on it some months ago but this person has to stop. So what I did is I tracked her location and sad to say she is not from the Philippines, my guy friend asked me if I would like him to hack her accounts but I declined the offer because knowing what she looks like is fair enough.

So to you who hate my videos, I know what you look like and I know all your passwords even if you change them I would still know them. And yes as pathetic as my videos can be THANK YOU FOR WATCHING EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM. 

I have blocked that person from my youtube channel since she is a negative energy that I don't want to be associated with anymore. 

But above anything else I still feel glad because even if haters come my way I just fight them back or simply laugh at them because they are wasting their time. 

How do you deal with haters? And have you had a bad case of sun burn? 

Let me know on the comment box below and I'll talk to you soon! 

Much Love!

-- Alice 


donnarence said... [Reply]

i was very affected before with haters.. nahihigh blood talaga ako.. ngayon mamatay sila sa kakahate!! LOL.. kiber na lang talaga or naimmune na ako.. at subukan lang nila ngayon na mag post ng hater comment sa blog ko at I will track them down and sue them.. charoot!! mwaaahh keep your head up.. smile and wag pansinin ang mga haters.. cheers!!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Donnarence -- Korek ka dyan! Inggit sila kasi I can show the world who I am and not care a damn if I don't look good in it :D XOXO

Chrissy said... [Reply]

I feel so fortunate that I haven't had to deal with haters yet. But I know it will happen eventually. I just hope I can deal with it gracefully as well.

Nicole said... [Reply]

don't worry about them haters cause it only means that you're getting popular, plus if you worry bout them it'll only stress you out... It may be a bit of hassle but hey, if the guy actually watched all of your vids and commented on each then hating you is probably his unique way to show some fan loving. hahaha! It only means that you influenced the person, just like alexandria of america's next top model cycle 16. hahaha stay beautiful! ;)

Nicole said... [Reply]

dont worry about them haters cause it only means that you're getting popular. hahaha plus if the guy actually watched and commented on each of your vids then it's probably his way of showing some fan loving and that you have influenced him hahaha... I think you're like alexandria of ANTM cycle 16... she attracts and influences people, and she's real beautiful! ;P

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