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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Simple Sundays with my Family

Usually on Sundays me and my family would just be at home since that is the last day we can rest longer. But last Sunday was different since we visited my dad and also celebrated Palm Sunday. 

 Here's my cute nephew doing his gyaru faces. I don't know where he learned those but I can definitely say I didn't teach him that! haha! 

We first visited my dad since it was his birthday last March 28. Usually we visit him twice a month but because we are preparing for my brother's wedding, there were times that we forgot and I am really sorry for that Papa. 

Quick FOTD and OOTD

Maybelline BB cream
Ever Bilena cosmetic collection (eye shadows)
LA Blush in pink blush
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame

I'm actually going for a very spring / summer look. 

Shirt and Pants (Thrift store)
Shoes: Natasha
Accessories: Necklace given by Viva Andrada during the F*Art event ^_^

I went for an all black ensemble because I want people to notice my make up (CHOZ LANG! LOL)

After visiting Papa, we were supposed to go to St. Pio in Eastwood but the parking was que terrible that we decided to head out to Marikina Riverbanks since we were feeling a little starved. 

There was also a chapel in Riverbanks but unfortunately we were late for the mass :( oh well. 

We just went to Chic Boy and ate some food. Surprisingly, their food is not that bad. I ordered Liempo since I have been craving for one for weeks now.

like nephew like tito!

My liempo

Thankfully I was able to resist going for 5 servings of rice with this. I only had 3 servings. Not bad right? But I still need to burn them up though... which reminds me I need to post my diet diary ASAP ^_^

After eating at Chic Boy's we were supposed to go to the nearest church so we will still be able to hear mass. Luckily we were able to hear mass ^^, 

But while we were waiting for my brother to get the car, I saw this Magic Faucet and it was so cool. And I actually didn't let the chance get away to take some pictures of my niece and nephew. These two actually like the camera a lot so it wasn't hard to ask them to pose - the only problem is that they don't stay in that pose long enough for me to take pictures so some of their pictures are blurred but that's okay.

And now I leave you with a picture of my cute nephew modelling H2T (Head 2 Toe )without him knowing it!  haha!

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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