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Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Kind of Facial Experience with Svelte Welness Center and Casmara

I am the kind of girl that rarely go on facials. And when I say rarely its like only when there is a major event coming like a wedding or something.

I mostly do Do-It-Yourself facials at home since I don't really have a lot of time to go to a spa or facial center.

Busy-busihan lang CHOZ! haha!

Anyway, I was invited to try the Casmara facial and I got the Shine Stop treatment which is actually good if you have oily skin and acne-prone skin. Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry or blurred in total because I used the nintendo 3DS to shoot some pictures and my vlog (will be posted real soon!)

If you are wondering what is Casmara cosmetics  is actually a Spanish professional company that is located in Valencia, Spain. Casmara's mission is to actually reinvent the passion for skin care, adding glamour to each and act dedicated to the well being of its users.

Casmara has actually been around for 37 years and has been available is 60 countries which now includes the Philippines ^^,

There are actually different Casmara  treatments that are offered. And did you know that Casmara is actually the inventor of the "Original Algae Peel Off Mask" in which they also apply the product on the eyes and lpis where it is actually mostly needed.

They also have 9 other facials which are:

1. Reaffirming Mask (Black)  -
This is especially indicated for mixed and oily skins, which with dilated pores and acne.

2. Green Mask -
For all skin types, especially damaged skins after stimulating treatments and exfoliation.

3. Vitamin Vegetable mask -
Mask for any skin type and age, especially indicated in combination with anti-wrinkle and clarifying treatments.

4. Sensitive mask -
Mask for soothing sensitive and couperose skins. 

5. Nova New Mask -
For all skin types especially for dehydrated skin.

6. Green tea mask -
For all skin types especially for tired or damaged skins.

7. RGnerin mask -
Mask for delicate and sensitive skin.

8. Re6tense Mask -
Firming mask for skins showing signs of flaccidity.

9. c40-Bi-phase soya mask -
Indicated for mature skin, recommended for over 40 years old.

 Besides from those, Casmara also has a complete collection of face and body treatments that will suit your needs. Some of those are

1. Nacar Professional Treatment. This treatment clarifies the skin's complexion but also helps repair and protect the skin. This is said to give the skin a "pearl-like glow".

2. Selective Dermopurifying shinestop treatment. This treatment is to treat,regulate,normalize and improves the appearance and texture of combination and oily skin in a 'selective way'.

3. RGenerin Inhibitor Contracture Treatment. This is like a botox treatment without the needles.

4. Absolute RT4 Retinol treament. This treatment is to help prevent wrinkle formation.

5. Elixir Anti-age treatment. This is like a non-invasive facelift for our skin.

6. Intense Q10 treatment. This treatment is for dry, mature skin, premature wrinkles and initial signs of pigmentation.

7. Re6tense treatment. This is a treatment that augments our skin tone and its elasticity.

I actually got the selective dermopurifying shinestop treatment since I have oily skin.

Most of the treatments actually last for like an hour since it would have 6 steps like cleansing, exfoliating and removing blackheads and pimples.

Meet my attendant Libay!

You can actually choose if you want to share your room with someone or you want to be just with your attendant for the whole procedure. I was lucky to get my own room for the session. My attendant, Libay was really nice and she asked me at the beginning of the treatment if I'm claustrophobic and such since she will put some product in my eyes and lips for 45 mins. 

The procedure was fairly easy and quick I actually didn't realized that it was already 2:00 pm when my treatment ended. 

One tip of advice
be very nice to your attendants since they can tell you more about skin care and also teach you some facial massages you can do at home.

We actually chatted a lot during the session since I really have a lot of questions about skin care and such. 

I look so weird in this picture haha!

The treatment that I got was so good since as explained to me by Libay the product is made from charcoal which actually detoxifies our skin from harmful things like too much oil clogged up on our pores. The mask actually has a jelly like feel to it. And you know what you can actually bring it home and use it one more time since there is still some product there that you can use.  

Over all I had a great time at the event, Thank you Casmara Cosmetics for the refreshing facial. I will surely come back next time ^_^

Here is what I looked like after! ^_^

You can also experience this with the Casmara Ultimate Treat! 

Just simply liking the Casmara Cosmetics Philippines Facebook Fan Page for more information. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


iaadamlim said... [Reply]

Hello Teacher Alice,

Once in a while its nice to treat your self to a relaxing facial. Same concept I guess behind the treats and rewards we give to our students. I hope that week was ultimately relaxing for you as it was for me.

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