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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Favorites and Empties

Its April and I can't believe it! ^_^

How was your March ladies? Was it good? great? or superb? by the way congratulations to the graduates of 2012 and welcome to the real world! ^0^

I haven't really went through a lot of items last March so I only have 6 items. Sorry I was only able to take a picture of 4 of my favorites since my favorite shampoo had already run out  and I forgot to take a picture on my fanny serrano lash curler :(

Lez begin!

1. Japanese Shampoo. 

I wasn't able to google the name of it but its like pantene in Japan according to my friend. I like the scent of this shampoo and also it makes my hair super shiny and soft and cleans my scalp well ^^, 

2. Bath and Body Works' body cream in cool citrus and basil. 

I've actually been using this every single day as a lotion and it just makes me feel so refreshed afterwards. 

3. Bath and Body works' body splash in pink grapefruit. 

I have been using this product since last year and I can say its one of those scents that just reminds me of summer that is why I have been using it over and over since. I'm actually running low on it so maybe it be part of my April empties ^_^

4. LA Colors blush in pink blush. 

I've actually been using one blush at a time since I have tons of it and this is the one that I am currently finishing up. I really like this color because its just very light that it doesn't make my cheeks looked like they've been slapped so many times.

5. Maybelline BB cream

I have a review of this product coming up so be sure to check it out ^^, 

I like this product because its not that shimmery unlike my myra e moisturizer. I'll tell you more on my review why I like this product.

6. Fanny Serrano Lash Curler.

I really like this because this makes me look awake more since I haven't been sleeping early because of work :D

So that's it for today's favorites. Let's go for my April Empties. 

I haven't finished a lot of items this much since I am doing a rotation on to the products that I use. Probably I will have a lot of April Empties. But for now I just finished my Eskinol astringent. I have actually been using this to tone my skin after I wash it. I stings a little but it does its job well. ^_^

Here's the video version!

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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