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Friday, April 27, 2012

Kpop Friday!: Basic Korean Table Manners

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Happy Friday! 

Really sorry I wasn't able to do a Kpop post last week. I've been pretty stressed/busy and I am really sorry.  *kowtow*

Okay lez gow to our post for today shall we? 

I really like eating Korean food since most of their food is spicy and the presentation is really colorful. But since I've learned to eat and cook some of those dishes, my Korean eonni always scold me because I don't know much about Korean table manners - Yes I have committed a sin lock me up now! haha! 

But my Korean eonni always scold me because they really want me to learn. 

Here are some of the things you have to know when learning how to eat like a Korean.

1. Do not reach across the table for the food. Ask the person nearest to it to pass it to you.

2. Try to keep your pace with everyone at the table - Especially with elders. 

3. Do not hold your rice bowl or soup bowl in your hand during the meal

4. Wait for the oldest person/ elders to lift their spoon so you can start eating as well. 

5. When pouring a drink, pour others first. (I do this everytime! ^_^)

6. If the Japanase have Itadakimasu! Koreans say Jalmukesumnieda before the meal which means I will eat well. 

7. Then after the meal you would also say masegaemugusuyo which is I ate well. 

Korean table manners are a little similar to the ones that I have been accustomed to. I think most of them are very general since it is also similar to western practices. 

There are a lot of Korean table manners that we have to learn but these are just some of the basics that I featured here on my blog. 
I'll be featuring other Korean customs and traditions next time. 

 Do you also practice these? let me know the korean etiquette that you know :D 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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