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Monday, April 9, 2012

Diet Diary: Losing Track (Again)

Hey girls! Sorry I haven't been posting diet diaries lately because I have been seriously getting off track with my progress...But luckily someone shake the senses out of me to get out more.

I haven't been eating healthy stuff lately due to work. I mostly resorted myself in eating either sandwiches or biscuits and cookies. I know I have let you guys down but I won't be let down anymore!

Thankfully I was able to find my dog's leash after a year I misplaced it. I will now walk Georgia first thing in the morning and at night! I know I'm not supposed to do that since its a little dangerous but I'll just walk her for 30 minutes since she also needs the exercise.

Exercise is also a thing I usually avoid. Even if I like Zumba so much I just can't do it alone. I need a zumba buddy so bad! ~.~ But I actually walk a lot now since I am also trying to save up for something.

I think I have let myself lose track of my journey because I haven't received any recognition with the changes I made, the worst though is that some people made fun of those changes. And as thick-skinned as I am, I still found it hard to move on from those criticism.

But I will keep on going with this journey so that I will be a better person!

aja aja fighting!!

Much Love!

-- Alice


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