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Monday, April 30, 2012

Diet Diary: Coolin' down for the summer

Happy Monday Ladies! 

Summer is one season that I am really excited since I can go to the beach and I have the perfect excuse to wear shorts again haha! 

The heat has been unbearable and I think everyone can agree to that especially if you are here in the Philippines. Cooling off this summer won't have to be a struggle if you are losing weight since there is a lot of things we can do to still shed the pounds while cooling off. 

1. If you don't want to exercise outdoors, do it indoors. 

This is actually good if you have an AC but I suggest you put the thermostat of the AC isn not so cold temperature since we still need to sweat. Its actually much better to sweat a lot than stay in the AC since our sweat releases the toxins in our body. 

2. Eat watery fruits and veggies. 

I love eating watermelon and cantaloupe during summer since it quenches my thirst and also it keeps me full. You can also eat Apples, blueberries, grapefruit, oranges, pear, pineapple, raspberries and strawberries. For watery veggies you can try green and red tomatoes and white potatoes. But be sure to eat this in moderation and stay on your diet.

3. Water, water, water!!

I can't really stop stressing that in order to cool off during this summer we got to keep ourselves hydrated so that we won't have the complications due to this weather like heat stroke and dry skin. You can also try adding some lemon on  your water to put some taste to it.

Cooling off this summer doesn't have to be very hard especially if we are trying to lose weight. Just make sure that you are hydrated and you have plenty of rest.

Weight loss update:

I wasn't able to weight myself again for this week since I was terribly busy with a lot of things. I'm still training my gorgeous Georgia (which you will meet real soon) to behave properly especially when there are kids around.

Labrador Retrievers have a lot of patience I know that for a fact, but I still need to assure everyone at home that she will be able to move around and behave if there are kids around. Training her is something I really need to learn more since its my first time to train a dog. I have been watching dog whisperer so I think I know the basics now.. haha!

I'm also trying to persuade Georgia to get used to the fact that she needs to have a leash when we go out. She is one stubborn dog but I still let her know that she won't have her way with me with her stubbornness.

I actually make our trainings my work out time since most of the time I run after her or I follow her around until she gets tired haha! as for the diet, I actually went back to eating the same things I have eaten before I started this journey but I've learned to control myself and try to eat more good stuff rather than junk food.

I've actually substituted eating celery sticks with peanut butter than eating the chocolate covered sticks that are sold here. *pat myself in the back* Its a tough decision but I'm sticking by it. :)
How do you cool down during this season?

Let me know on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon!

Much love!

-- Alice


Kai Sensei said... [Reply]

I agree with your advise of WATER WATER WATER! :) I'm gonna do that as well..

ian l said... [Reply]

great tips for keeping healthy this very hot summer! thanks!

violy said... [Reply]

I am hardly moving! Doing so will mean soaking in perspiration. This is my first summer in the Philippines after so many years. And unfortunately my body has not adjusted yet, I had an allergy cough for 2 months now.. so terrible. ;(

By Daryll Dial-Villena said... [Reply]

we have stocks of gatorade and pocari sweat inside the fridge! Plus the fact I dreamed of snow and Alaska trip most of the time :) Chilling!!!!

Eihdra said... [Reply]

Gee, I haven't done any kind of exercise outdoors and even indoors ahahaha... But, the water therapy can surely help you lose weight..

chrisair said... [Reply]

wow I wish that you will succeed on weightloss, this is really encouraging, Add a walking every morning

Jupiter Jim said... [Reply]

Summer is almost here, I cannot believe it so this post is very appropriate. Water fruits like watermelon are perfect for Summer!

Thanks for sharing!

~ Jupiter Jim

Liz Money Web said... [Reply]

Great tips! As for me, I really want to gain few pounds.

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