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Monday, April 16, 2012

Diet Diary: Blending my veggies

Happy Monday! 

I have been on a diet for a while now and sometimes when I am very tired of eating veggies I actually resort myself into blending them. 

Yes. I am serious. 

People may find it weird but I think its a better way for me to get to have veggies into my system. I did not really grew up eating lots of veggies, I like fruits more but I am getting the hang of eating vegetables.

Most of the vegetables that I blend is lettuces, cucumbers and tomatoes. I mix them up with some honey or fruits so they won't smell or taste like grass. I also add some flax seeds for additional fiber.

My brother mistakenly drank one of these and it was hilarious since he is not used to it. He actually told me it tasted like grass. He thought it was wheat grass Haha! 

I have weighed myself the other day and I saw that I lost around 1 lbs which is good. Walking my dog really helped me lose more weight since its a bit of a struggle to make Georgia go somewhere. Try to ask a 3 year old Lab Ret to do laps with you. I think I should watch dog whisperer more LOL.

I have been doing some Zumba now which is great since it has also helped me more in my weight loss. So far so good I am seeing some results since some of my pants have loosened and I need to use a belt to keep it from falling down.

Last weekend, I went to Loreland with my friends and I think I did a full body work out just walking through the resort. Its an 8 hectare full of people, pools, and a scenic over looking view of Manila. 
That's it for today's diet diary. Do you have any weird diet tricks that you do? 

Let me know on my comment box below and I'll talk to you soon! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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