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Monday, April 2, 2012

BB cream vs Tinted moisturizers

If you have seen me in person I don't really wear a lot of make up not unless I need to, but for everyday wear I have resorted myself in applying at least one of the two products above.

But the main question most girls ask me is what is the difference between the two so I've came up with some observations with it. ugh! weird but true.

Let's start with BB creams first.

BB creams or blemish balm creams are actually made to help the healing process of our skin especially if you have blemishes or you came from surgery.

In terms of coverage it can be from sheer to medium coverage, depending on the product.

BB creams also helps with the regeneration of our skin to maintain its youthful glow. Usually BB creams have a higher SPF to fully protect the skin. This also have anti aging and skin lightening benefits.

Now lets go to tinted moisturizers.

Tinted moisturizers gives out sheer coverage without the heavy feel. It does give out a good touch to the skin since it moisturizes our skin. Depending on the brand, some of them has a sufficient SPF for our skin and also gives out a good coverage throughout the day.

Some tinted moisturizer does have some shimmers on them so its mostly my recommendation to powder up or blot if you have oily skin.

In conclusion both products actually does a great job on our skin but I think BB creams do a lot more justice on my skin since it covers up more on my blemishes than tinted moisturizer does.

What do you like more BB creams or tinted moisturizers?

Let me know on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon.

Much Love!



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