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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Throwing make up is hard to do

Throwing away make up is something I don't like to do since it means I have wasted my money. I don't like wasting my money on items that I wasn't able to use to its fullest so when I have to throw them I usually just close my eyes and throw them in the trash and never look back. 

Yes. I am that emotional about my make up. 

That is why this post would remind me to not ever waste my money again. 

A couple of days ago I was cleaning up my make up organizer for some items I'll be putting up for sale on this blog and I saw these three. Its been a while though that I've cleaned up my make up organizer so I was a little surprised to see these. I checked if I can still save them but unfortunately it was too late. 

The stuff that I had to throw out are:

Nivea lip balm 
Japanese stick foundation (I forgot the name)
Heng Feng mascara

I actually liked my nivea lip balm but I forgot it existed when I got my HiP Jelly balm from my friend. But the remaining two items where almost empty or it dried up when I checked so it was a lost case altogether. 

Moral of this story: 

Just use what you have and buy new ones when you need it.  In short. 


I sometimes don't get it when other girls buy make up and don't use it then they would mope around when it expires




But seriously do you know anyone like that? Do you think its a little irritating?

Let me know on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice  


Aya said... [Reply]

This reminds me that I haven't been hauling a lot lately. Will throw out old products na muna. Haha

Photoescape said... [Reply]

haha! Thanks for dropping by Aya ^_^

gerilen elinessete said... [Reply]

i love watching hauls but hesitant ngako bumili ng bongga kc nga dko naman nagagamit lahat.. sayang! nice post alice! and btw, <3 ko din mga empty products posts mo! :P thumbs up!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@gerilen -- Thanks Gerilen! ^_^ you are absolutely right, as much as we like to buy more make up sometimes if we have too much it would just be untouched which is a bit of a let down ^_^ really? thank you! I like seeing that I get my money's worth pag naubos ko yung isang product.. sorry weird lang haha! :D Thanks for dropping by! :)

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