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Friday, March 23, 2012

Kpop Friday: Choi Si won

Happy Friday ladies! 

For today's Kpop friday post I will be featuring drum rolls please *drum rolls* CHOI SI WON! *fan girl screams* ^0^

Choi si won is part of Super Junior which is a kpop idol group. He is a singer-actor-model. All I can say is I super super super like him!

Okay you girls already know that I like Enchong too right? And I am really sorry to say this but for the time being Enchong tumabi ka muna si Si won muna eye candy ko...but don't worry you are still in my heart *Echosera mode* LOL

Anyway going back to Si won, I started liking him when I saw him on a series call Oh My lady since its the one my mom is currently watching. My mom is into Kdrama that we would watch one Kdrama 24 hours straight. No kidding. And while watching this series I saw a different side of Si won. 

Besides from his cute face, chocolate abs, cool voice...did I say chocolate abs right? :D I did see a credible actor. Just thinking of him in that series gives me the chills if I meet someone like that in person. 

I hope other ELF's would read this post. I'm actually not an ELF (SUJU's fan club) but I support SUJU a lot. My original favorite is HeeChul but I'll put him on another post. 

I gotta go, but I'll leave you with some pictures of Siwon.

I hope Siwon would be able to read this *wishful thinking* Hello Siwon! 

Much Love! 



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