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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Haul + Monthly Favorites :)

Ola ladies! I'm back with another blog post about what I bought during the second half of February and also my Favorites.  I've decided to just make a monthly favorites post so it can also remind me to switch my make up and stuff every month so I can use all of my make up. 

Let's start with my haul for this February. I was supposed to attend the Cosmetologie 2012 since I was invited but I haven't received the invites and also I had some other things to attend to, but I will definitely go to Cosmetologie next year for sure. 

I did bought some items which is the body cream in bath and body works in cool citrus basil and the c219 buffer brush. 

I initially want to buy the pink grapefruit variant of bath and body works since I already had the body spray but I got this one instead since I don't want to smell like pink grapefruit through out summer :D  I also bought a buffer brush since I need it for my make up and also I need something that compact since my marionnaud doesn't fit in my current make up bag. 

Now let's move on to my current favorites. I have been loving the Ever Bilena Cosmetics palette since it has versatile colors for different looks. I'll make a series about this palette real soon so watch out for it :) Next if my Clinique lash power mascara, the reason why I like the mascara is because it works for my lashes which is non existent most of the time haha! 

I've also been loving 2 pink lipsticks which are from Ever Bilena and Sophie Paris. I'm actually switching up my look this coming March so I'm not really sure if I'll be working pink lippies for this month that much :) I've also been loving my Ever Bilena sheer compact powder since its good to use as a powder foundation. As per blush, I have been loving Careline's shine free blush in peach glow since its just a natural flush of color that I need. 

For hair care I have been loving Vitress Hair solutions since it makes my baby hair down when I put it in a messy bun. And lastly I have been loving St. Ive's apricot scrub for my skin since it has helped me keep the blackheads, whiteheads and the break outs at bay. I haven't got a major pimple this month which is a good thing! I just need to worry about clearing my skin from the ugly scars I had. 

Let's now go to the food and drink favorites. I have been loving only three things this month which is Cucumbers, Quaker's Oaties and also the protein shake I got from Amway and Nutrilite. I've actually blogged why I like oaties on my food blog, you can check that here. I will be blogging about cucumbers soon so watch out for that post but I love cucumbers because they make me feel refreshed when I eat them :) Lastly I have been loving the protein shake I got from Nutrilite and Amway because its a good meal replacement for my diet. 

So that's it for my favorites and also the second half of my haul. I've been kinda slacking off again with my make up since I would just wear make up three times a week. Maybe its because of this weather because it has been really hot this February which is kinda normal but if you are not okay with it better don't come out! haha kidding! 

I think this coming March I'll be really really busy with a lot of videos and also blogposts for you all! 

Here's the video version :)

Any request looks? let me know on the comment box and I'll do it for you as soon as I can :) 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Arrienne said... [Reply]

Hi ALice!

Nice post~ I love Ever Bilena Palette too! I use it for the entire week last week! ^^ Hope you could continue reading my blog~ GREAT POST! I'll post a blog like this one too!

LOVE: Arrienne

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