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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Diet diary: Benefits of cucumbers to your diet

I have been munching on cucumbers ever since I started my diet so I was a little curious what this stuff can benefit me in my weightloss.

As I found out, cucumbers are mainly consumed raw, although some make these into pickles, which is a little off for my taste but what the hay trip nila yun wag naten pigilan LOL

According to some books and articles cucumbers have a lot of antioxidants and it is also rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. One thing that I found really fascinating is that cucumbers are great diuretic agents for our body.

Diuretic basically is a chemical or a drug that tells our body to flush out unwanted fluids from our bodies. And also this can break down fats into smaller pieces which can easily be removed from our system. In terms or calories a 100 gram serving of cucumber is only 70 calories which is actually a great snack replacement from chips.

A lot of my relatives and friends have actually seen that I have slimmed down. But quite honestly, I haven't felt it that much. By the way I have weighed myself today and I found out I lost 5 lbs. Its a little small than I expected but at least that is a good start right?

In terms of exercising, I haven't been doing much since I have been floored with work. I've also been taking side jobs since I am saving some money for something. But I told myself that I would get back in doing some zumba real soon so don't worry.

I'll post more about these kinds of foods since this can also help others that are on a diet.

Any Questions? Suggestions?

Comment below and I'll try to get back to them ASAP ^^,

Much love!



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