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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Fire in the Soul Experience

Cantata literally means sung. It is a vocal composition with an instrumental accompaniment typically this involves a choir according to 

That was the kind of play that I went to just a couple of hours ago. I went to see Fire in the Soul: A Cantata in De La Salle University in Taft. I've actually blogged about it and you can check the Press Release here. Sorry if I wasn't able to take a lot of camera was hazy and my battery died on me :(.

This is about the events that happened on the De La Salle Massacre during World War  II and of course it also recounts the achievements of DLSU up until this day. 

The play was great although I arrived 30 minutes late and I missed the first part of the program :( . The story basically is a narration on the accounts of what happened. And although its a cantata this will still bring you chills on hearing what had happened on that faithful day. 

I especially liked the musicality because it fits so much into the storyline. I rarely go watch plays if you ask me and when I do watch a play I look into the musicality and other technical aspects more than the storyline since I am musically-inclined. Yeah real weird but that's my thing. 

I was astounded with the characters since they were so into the emotions and it actually made me tear up during the scene where Antonius Von Jesus recounts how he is suffering with the memories on what happened on that day. I know how that feels when you see someone you care about just pass away in a matter of minutes.

I would recommend this play to be watched. They are having a gala night tomorrow. You should definitely watch this.

For the gala show on February 27, 2012, orchestra seats are priced at P500 (regular)/ P250 (students) and balcony seats at P250 (regular)/ P200 (students).

For more information, please call the DLSU Centennial Office at (632) 524-4611 local 290 or email

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