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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make up removers 101

Make up removers are an essential to our skin to remove not just the make up that we had on but also the dirt and excess oil that had accumulated throughout the day.

We already know what happens to our skin if we sleep with our make up on right? We break out!

Make up removers are made from different ingredients and comes in different forms And finding the perfect make up remover based on our skin type would also benefit us in the long run so investing on a good one is a great start.

As to what I've seen there are three types of make up removers: Oil-based, Natural, and Eye Make up remover.

Lets start with Oil-based. If you check the ingredients of your make up most of them would probably have oil on them and oil-based make up remover can dissolve oil. And also oil based make up removers can easily remove waterproof mascara.

These kinds of make up remover fits more if you have dry skin since it can also moisturize the skin. For normal to oily skin, this may not be recommended since it can clog your pores. But I think you can still this since for me I haven't been breaking out from this. Another bad thing though that I don't like about oil based removers are they leave your skin very oily and you have to wash it off immediately. I suggest when washing this off, use a gentle cleanser with warm water.

Next is Natural make up remover. Natural make up removers are commonly known as cleansing milk or cleansing water. This is much lighter than cleansing creams or oil based make up remover. These make up removers are made from water and natural ingredients. This is considered as the best make up remover since it fits dry skin and sensitive skin.

One disadvantage of this though is you need to wash it off immediately which can be a turn off if you are too tired and just want to go to bed haha! but remember that removing your make up properly can help your skin too. 

Lastly is Eye Makeup remover. As from the name itself this is only for removing eye make up. Since the skin on our eye area is sensitive so a gentler make up remover is needed. The only bad bit about this is you have to buy a separate product for your face. Its kinda bothersome for some but this definitely does the trick especially when you are removing tough eye liner and mascara.

These are just the ones that I've seen so far. But no matter what type of skin you have it is very important that at the end of the day before you sleep you need to have your make up removed so that your skin can also rest.

I know I am not really a good candidate for it but I am trying because I want my old skin back.

Let me know what you think of this blog post on the comment box!

Much Love!

-- Alice 


Rowena Wendy Lei said... [Reply]

I've always been partial to Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. :)

Cheska Cruz said... [Reply]

Thanks for sharing this, I don't use a make-up remover, I just wash my face but now I see that there's an importance using it too.

Jenn said... [Reply]

I am not sure if my comment went through (nag-error ang connection ko), but will send it again...

I don't wear that much make up, but I still put on some loose powder and cheek blusher, so I still have to clean my face. If given the choice, I still would go for the natural make up remover even if my skin tends to dry a bit, because oil based ones seemed a little heavy for the skin.

Bec San Diego said... [Reply]

My fave cleansing oil: Nars and Shu! :)

stacy said... [Reply]

Oh my. Didn't know such products existed. I only use facial wash to remove my make up. Is that bad?

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ stacy -- I don't think its bad though but there can still be some make up left on our skin even if we wash it with facial wash ^^,

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