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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 haul

Ola ladies! Its now the first day of February and just 13 days to go before Valentines! :D 

I actually don't celebrate valentines with a date so I think its gonna be a typical day for me then haha! 

But this blog is not about my Valentine plans but on my recent purchases last January! 

I didn't actually go on a retail frenzy which was weird but any who I did purchase some items since I need a new stock of items in my vanity area. I also bought some accessories so I can spice up my outfits once in a while ^^,

249 PHP = 5.80 USD

The first thing I bought is my very first BB cream which is from Maybelline. I have heard several reviews about this which are a mix of positive and negative feedback. I'll be opening this in a couple of months since I still have some products that I am currently finishing.

I forgot the price :(

I bought a tube of Myra E facial moisturizer and this is for my mom. My mom has dry skin and I have been telling her to always moisturize your skin even if you are just at home, but she wouldn't listen so I bought her own tube of this so she will be forced haha! 

This product actually comes with a compact which is the Myra E vita smooth compact. The shade I got is Natural which is pretty close to my skin tone. 

I still have the Ever Bilena sheer compact though but sometimes I feel that its too much for my skin so I would just use that as my setting powder than my daily compact. 

155 PHP/each = 3.61 USD/each

I also bought 2 peel off mask from Sophie Paris. The first one is the refreshing mask while the other one is an exfoliating mask. I have already tried the exfoliating mask so expect a review real soon! ^^, 

I also bought 2 necklaces which are so cute! 

140 PHP = 3.26 USD

The first one is a couple of keys and an inscription. This necklace is perfect to pair with my favorite white T-shirt or any plain shirt that you have because it will give it that laid back feel. 

140 PHP = 3.26 USD

 The second necklace I got is more of a romantic-inspired design. I actually have worn this on a dinner party last week and I got tons of compliments coz of this ^^,

Finally I bought myself a shirt from Sophie Paris which is named Zita. I mainly bought this shirt because of the design and that it is a cropped shirt. I have started liking cropped shirts and I super love the feel of the material where this shirt is made from. I will definitely wear this one of this days! :D 

425 PHP = 9.90 USD

That's it though for my blog for today. I actually promised not to spend much this year since I'm aiming to buy a laptop so its easier for me to make videos and also blog even when I'm outside.

So what was your latest purchases this January?

Let me know!

Much Love!

-- Alice 


Chriselle Sy said... [Reply]

Hi Alice! I'm curious about the Sophie Masks. Can't wait for your review!


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