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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Spend Valentines (On a Budget) May it be your single or not

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I admit to myself that I am a cheapskate. I really am. And I don't think there is anything wrong with that. It's just I think there are much better things to spend on that lavish vacations and such so spare me the weird looks okay? 
I am currently single this valentines but there isn't anything wrong with that since I've read from a yahoo news article its actually good to be single health-wise haha! But if you have a special someone right now and are planning for the great day with your love.

But the problem don't have that money? What should you do? 

I do have tips I can give you based on my past experiences. 
1. Stay at home. 

Yes I am serious, Its actually much better that way since you don't have to go out and get stuck in long lines in the parking and the restaurant. Which brings me to 
2. Cook a great meal at home. 
It will save you a lot of money and of course you can practice your cooking skills for your special someone.

3. Have a movie marathon. 

Wanna see a movie you two really like? You can check Netflix for those! ^^, You can also snuggle up next to each other while watching those flicks. 

I hope those helped you with your dilemma for Valentines. And always remember that Valentines is not only spent one day of the year, It is spent everyday with the people that you love. 

Happy Valentines! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Janine M. said... [Reply]

Love this post! Hahahaha!
Happy Single Awareness Day to us Alice! :P

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