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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Erzullie Resort Collection 2012

Last Saturday I was able to attend the unveiling of Erzullie's Resort collection for 2012.

The event was held at a restaurant in Eastwood...really sorry I forgot the name of the restaurant T_T

But any who, this event was to showcase the latest collection of Erzullie.

Erzullie is a clothing brand that caters to plus size women. Most of their clothes are actually similar to some trends but they gave it a little twist so it will make you fierce.

I was told that in this latest collection they have also incorporated basics in their collection like white shirts and vests which you can use to amp up your look. I especially liked the tops that they are selling and the feel of the fabric is really good which I have a hard time finding.  

The clothes were actually on sale too but too bad I forgot my ATM at home and the money I have in my pocket is just enough to buy a starbucks grande frap...*cry*

Krave Mineral Cosmeceuticals also had a little booth there and also another brand named Ravish couture lashes were also there.

If you want to know more about fierce plus size fashion of Erzullie you can visit their multiply site and like them of Facebook here

They will also be at the Supersale this March 2-4! Be sure to check out their clothes if you want to look fierce :)

Much Love!

-- Alice


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