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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Enchong Dee World 3rd Year Anniversary

I have been a fan of Enchong Dee since I first saw him on Katorse and I became to like him more when I met him in person. I know I am sounding like a fanatic now but once you meet this guy you will like him too! 

I remember when I first saw him on Katorse, I was so hooked on that series that I would watch it over and over again on youtube. I just love his charming personality ^^,

Last January, I became a member of Enchong Dee World, which is one of his fan clubs. I was also surprised that their 3rd anniversary was this month and thankfully I was able to attend the event. Imagine how excited I was hehe!

The event was held at Centerstage in Timog and it started at around 7pm. 

I was actually really surprised when Enchong came while I was singing on stage. Enchong if you're reading this you already know how I sounded on stage haha! 

And in all fairness I didn't felt out of place when the event started because it felt like it was a reunion...

Sorry Enchong nakapag plugging ako ng wala sa oras ng upcoming movie mo! haha!

The food that was served was also really delicious and every one had a great time.

You know what was the best treat of the night? When Enchong sang for us! haha! Enchong has a good voice he just needs a little more practice...Smart-Araneta here we come na ba? haha! 

I really had a great time with everyone at Enchong Dee World. I'll do more posts about my adventures with Enchong and the rest of Enchong Dee World if there is ^^,

blurred picture pero keri lang! Love this one! :)

My wish to Enchong: 

Enchong thanks for being a great person. I really had a wonderful time at the party. Sayang it was only for a few hours but those were I think one of the things I won't forget for the rest of my life. I wish you more luck on your career. Also I wish for good health for you and your family and don't stop loving your work...and also us! :-D 

Much Love!

-- Alice


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