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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diet Diary Day 31-37: Feeling much better

This was the one of the shirts that actually did not fit me a couple of months ago.


Thankfully I have felt better after that cold season. 
The weather is getting a little better though which is great. 
Most of my physical activities now involves my cats. I like running after them like some crazed cat lady haha! I have my bed buddy as my bait and whenever we see each other either he runs from me or the other way around. 

My kitty tends to get annoyed fast so I do that to him so I can run after him haha! I have also been letting the dogs run without their leash when I walk them. Don't worry I was still able to catch them and they won't be biting anyone or anything...just don't get in their way haha! joking! 

I love playing with my pets. I especially love playing with Georgia which was the dog my dad owned. He loved that dog so much he would buy her special dog food and add some veggies with it! I mostly play with Georgia since my dad is not a touchy kind of owner, he likes to be the disciplinarian while I spoil her with love ,cuddles and lots and lots of treats! hehe ^_^ so technically speaking I am her owner too! :-D

Georgia is actually way bigger than John (a.k.a. Killer Dog LOL) but she is very playful and naughty. She does have the tendency to be too playful that makes me end up with dog slob in my shirt. But nonetheless I love her haha! 

As for my food intake, I have lessened eating rice. There are days I don't eat rice at all or I would eat at least 1 cup of rice only once a day. But for this week I haven't eaten a lot of rice. 

I have been trying out my clothes lately and I think I have lost some weight, I just tried one of my jeans and they fit! I actually haven't worn them in 3 months. And when I first wore that pair of jeans I wasn't able to breathe properly with it. I had to adjust the buttons so I can still breathe! OMG!!!!! 

I have also tried out the smaller sized T-shirts I have that I wore during my college days and some of them fit me but some of them don't fit me yet so I still have a whole way to go. 

I wanna go back to my old curvy and healthy shape so I will really try to work harder! 

I'll show you old pictures of me in my 'sexy' figure. I had tons of them. ^^, 

Gotta go! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Pop Champagne said... [Reply]

good thing you feel better! you look great :D

Chriselle Sy said... [Reply]

Can't wait to see your pics!!!

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