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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diet Diary Day 25-30: Keep Moving On

Ola ladies! its been 5 days since my last diet diary and I think today's a good day to update you girls. 
Since that little incident where I have to eat a cheeseburger which I haven't gotten over I have been a little more careful in my food choices. 

I realized that I can't stress myself too much about eating because it would just make me depressed thus turn to food as my comfort blanket. I have been eating more fruits than veggies lately just because haha! 

I sometimes over eat on the fruits but I think that's okay since it will benefit my health. 
One of my friends actually told me eating dark chocolate is not bad if you are on a diet but eat it in moderation of course. I believe dark chocolate has a lot of anti oxidants if my memory serves me right and a recommended serving size of it is like as big as 1 peso coin.

I haven't been doing zumba lately since I have been busy but I always remind myself to move more. So when I'm at work, instead of going to the water station in the middle of the office to get some hot water for my coffee or tea, I would go to the pantry, which is located in the other side of our office so I could walk more. 

I've also tried power walking again. Its kinda weird since the group that does that in our neighborhood are the Korean unni and ajummas that live near my house. They actually thought I was one of them a couple of nights ago and talked to me in Korean! haha! Thankfully I was able to answer them back in Korean and tell them I'm not Korean although I love bibimbap and gochujang! hehe
I've restrained myself in eating rice again. Usually I would have it once every other day. Of course the serving would be just one cup. I've actually gotten used to that too since it won't make me crave for more. 
I think I have to wear spanks when I work out so it will take in effect more, Whatchuthink? :D
Okay loves have to go in a bit I'll update you next time okay?

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Janet said... [Reply]

go you all the can do it..~Wow! its so nice that you speak korean! I studied korean before but I forgot them all now..and that was only around 6months ago..maybe I should skip pork..since the commercial always says "bawal ang pork" lolz =)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Janet -- Thanks! :) Pork is actually good pero eat it in moderation lang. ^^, ako nga more on fish nalang para low fat high protein ^^, I only know to speak in Korean a little ^^

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