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Friday, February 3, 2012

Diet Diary Day 17 - 24 : The Drought

Happy Friday ladies! 

I haven't been doing the diet diary for a week or so because I have been very busy lately. I haven't been eating healthy too. 

Don't worry I haven't got back to my old habits of fast food every other day. I've only eaten fast food only once this week and it was just a big bite of my brother's burger. I have also been drinking more water to cleanse it out. Of course I also eat some veggies, I think about 2 servings a day and about 3 servings of fruits too.

As by taking the supplements Amway had given me, its been 2 days since I last took them. I kinda felt dependent on it so I want to try to make my weight loss without it for a while. And also my cold hasn't been cured yet so I will have to stick to my cold medicine for a while. 

So far so good people had been noticing a slight difference about my weight, but I tell them don't compliment me yet since I haven't reached my desired weight.

Even though I still am sick, I have been doing zumba every now and then. Before I would do it everyday for 30 minutes but since my schedule had become hectic I just reduced it to 10 minutes before I go to work and another 10 minutes when I arrive from work. I have also been walking and running a lot so its not a problem for me anymore. 

I am thinking of getting some swimming lessons when my cold is over and also because the weather since summer is just around the corner. 

I haven't eaten yet for today but I still have tons of energy. I know that if I still delay my first meal of the day it would make me binge. Don't worry I got that all figured out. I always think before I put something in my mouth. I know it sounds weird but if you ask yourself if you are still hungry then I think you will know the answer after that. :) 

I know you are wondering why I've put the drought on the title. Its just that I haven't been getting enough rest lately so I feel that I'm drying up. Its kinda complicated to explain but I'll try to put a little effort next time if this happens.

I have been receiving a lot of love with my diet diary and thank you so much for that! 

I've actually received emails from ladies around the world saying congratulations and wishing me the best on my weight loss journey. It actually made my cry when I first read them. I never thought my diet diary would affect so many of you girls and thank you so much for cheering me on! I know we can all do it! :) 

I would try to update my diet diary as often as I can don't worry! :) 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Chriselle Sy said... [Reply]

You deserve all the lovely comments and positive encouragement that you can get, sis. I wish you the best. I did my own weight loss journey some time ago. If you like, you can read about it so it can hopefully help you somehow.

That was a long time ago sis :)

Best of luck to you once more.

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Chriselle -- Thanks so much sis! I have seen your blog post. All I can say is wow 30 lbs in 3 months? its really amazing ^^, Thank you again ^^,

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