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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A very very special birthday gift - A DATE WITH ENCHONG DEE! ^^,

Okay I know my birthday was last January 6 but this is a great gift that was given to me. Okay in this blogpost I will definitely speak in my native tongue since mostly my readers will be in the Philippines. 

Lets start in 



OMG!!!! grabe talaga nakakawindang na event talaga to! nag simula lang naman na katuwaan lang yung pag sali ko kasi I am not sure kung mananalo ako. nag paka pick up girl ako that day which is really weird. 

There were some questions na tinanong which were:

1. If you could be a fruit or vegetable what would it be and why? 

My answer: A lemon kasi pag tinimpla mo ako I can be your sweetest girl 

Alam ko corny pero patok ah! 

2. If you could wrap yourself with a fruit or vegetable what would it be and why? 

My Answer: Grapes - para unti unti mo pitasin. 

CHAROT! alam ko you are thinking of something else. Haha! wag ganyan! wholesome lang!

Shocking as it sounds, I won the dating contest. Now lez go to the good part 


When I arrived at Abe in Serendra I had to call up first my friends because my celebration talaga ako sa bahay ng friend ko. I called them up to say na I won the dating contest and tonight din yung date so that means I'll be late in my own party. 

One of my friends actually threw a fit over the phone that made me upset at the start of the date. Thankfully Enchong made me feel better kasi hindi naman all night yung date namin. ^^,

One thing I didn't know about Enchong? ang takaw niya! :D my goodness all of the food you see on the picture above either first time ko or first time namin titikman. I'll talk more about this sa food blog ko nalang ^^, 

Like me Enchong likes food - A LOT. nakaka-conscious din kasama kumain si Enchong nung una pero as we went on hindi na nakaka conscious. Grabe nakaka tuwa sya panoorin kumain. :D 

Originally hindi kami nag order ng dessert, but then nakaramdam ata kami ng umay so nag order kami ng coupe Adriatico. Then after nun nagulat ako yung staff ng Abe sang happy birthday to me. Nakakatuwa! nasabi ko lang kay Enchong yun he already shared it sa lahat! :D

Over all I find the dinner date a great one. I have actually never experienced this so I am really thankful that I won and was able to know Enchong more than just the cutie you see on TV. 

Enchong Dee -- Text addict ^0^
My message for Enchong: 

Ola! Thank you for the interesting date. Sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye din...lam mo naman yung friends ko nag iinit na...hindi pala nag effect yung video blog mo dun sa isa... :( pero okay lang kasi I was able to make it. Sana pala I bought you there kasi my spaghetti na handa from me hehe! :D Hope to see you soon ^^, 

I hope you girls liked this post. 

Oo ako na talaga ang mahaba ang buhok! LOL 

Here are the videos ^^, 

See you on the next post ^^, 

Much love! 

-- Alice 


Jan Quilatan Cruz said... [Reply]

Naging classmate ko na si Enchong many times... pero nothing beats a date with him! Nakakainggit ka naman!!!!!


twinkoolet said... [Reply]

I'm so happy for you. It's a one of a kind experience. Btw, happy birthday! :)

Janine M. said... [Reply]

Waaaaaaah! You lucky lucky girl! Belated happy birthday! :D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi i'm one of Enchong's avid fan...It was really nice seeing your post about your date with Enchong many girls does really envy you yesterday hihi I was one of them. But then hindi mo man ako kilala I can say that I'm really happy for you, for that experience. Nasad ako to know na nagtampo friends mo hope okay na sila ngayon dahil sa apology ni Chong hihi :> Hope your date really did something good :) yiee hehe sorry excited for you :)

Krysta Rivera said... [Reply]

You're so lucky Enchong on your b-day...

missyphoebe said... [Reply]

wow! this would be one of your best bday celebration ever! hahaha. A date with a celebrity! Ikaw na! hehe

Bilated, Happy Birthday! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Jan -- Talaga? actually kaw mas maswerte kasi you see him in class ako one time ^^, pero Thanks po ^^,

@ Twinkoolet -- Thanks sis! :)

@ Janine -- Thanks po! :D

@ Anonymous -- Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog post about the date. I do think so na madaming na-envy sken,...kahit nga po sa office namin kulang nalang silaban ako haha! But again thanks talaga ako na he made my first day being 23 special. ^^,

@ Krysta oo nga po hihi ^^,

@ missyphoebe -- super happy birthday talaga! Thanks po! :)

Ella Benitez said... [Reply]

Ang lucky niyo naman po .. Idol much ko po yan si Enchong!! Congrats!! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Ella -- thanks dear! Ako nga din nagulat when he picked me ^^,

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Bakit parang di ka happy? Sayang naman! Sana sa mas deserving na tao na lang napunta yung date. Pero wala na tayong magagawa dun. Swerte mo yun lang ang masasabi ko :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Anonymous --- I sounded not happy about the date? I don't think so. Baka ikaw lang po nag iisip nun (kidding). And I think I did deserve this date . Its just not the luck that made me win. Its my personality. ^^, But thanks for reading my post I really appreciate it ^^, have a Blessed Day ahead! :)

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