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Monday, January 9, 2012

Talk about health and fitness with Enchong Dee

Do you still have the Enchong Dee fever from my date last Saturday? I still do honestly saying. But for today's post let's talk more about health and fitness from what Enchong had mentioned during the Nutrilite and Amway event.

Enchong believes in optimal health which is the heart of the Nutrilite. Enchong was chosen as its perfect brand ambassador because he is the epitome of clean and healthy living. Even before becoming one of today뭩 sought after stars he had a swimming career in his Alma mater - De La Salle University in Manila. Enchong was also part of the national swimming team of the Philippines and he has also represented the country in the South East Asian Games or Sea Games and also the 2006 Asian Games. Now he is busy as he has two regular shows on ABS-CBN, namely Maria La Del Barrio and ASAP. He is also busy with other projects and endorsements.

I was able to ask him a few questions in regards to his views about health, wellness, and fitness and of course a little bit on the personal side along with our friends from the media. When asked about his daily regimen, Enchong stated that for him it would be to drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water everyday; have only ample sun exposure and separate the fat when eating fatty foods.

Fighting stress with Enchong is really easy all you can do is smile. According to him, smiling will actually make you feel better and also when you smile at other people they will also smile back which lessens the stress.

In terms of fitness he says that if choosing a sport or activity you have choose the one that you enjoy doing because if you force yourself doing this routine it will just make you feel lazy and not do it again, there are also certain times that the effect of the regimen to your body will just stop overtime. And one of the questions I asked him is if he can only do one fitness regimen of either going to the gym or swimming what will be his choice? He chose swimming in which that is a great way to tone your muscles and feel refreshed at the same time.

Let's talk more personal now. Okay I know what you are thinking, I won't dish out about our conversation during our dinner date because I think that should be something me and Enchong would just keep as our secret haha! Am I right Enchong?LOL

But I actually asked him what the hardest role he ever played was. I was quite fascinated with his answer because he answered that the hardest role he ever played was being the perfect son, According to him it's not an easy job being the perfect son but he tries to be an ideal son to his parents which I commend him for.

Enchong Dee is the epitome of clean and healthy living as I have seen with my own two eyes. He has actually inspired me to try out the 3 month weight loss challenge of Nutrilite. Today is my first day. I will do a daily blog about it to keep me in track so please support me! ^^,

Did you know that plant nutrients are essential to good health? That is why health experts recommend eating a rainbow of different colorful fruits and vegetables everyday. Unfortunately, most people- including me, don뭪 reach the recommended goal of 5-9 daily servings a day.

Nutrilite offers you and your family a complete range of supplements and health-related products designed to address the nutritional needs of anyone in any stages of our life. Nutrilite has made vitamins, minerals and supplements to fill in our daily nutritional gaps as you Color Yourself Healthy?

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