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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Product Review: Nautreal Timeless Beauty soap

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Ola ladies! 

Remember my World Bazaar post and Nautreal? I've finally finished my review about this! ^_^

Before I begin this review I would just like to remind everyone that this review is based on my experience. It may have a different effect on your skin since each person has its own skin types and problems. You can use this review as a basis if you want to purchase the product mentioned. Also I am not being paid to make this review. The product was given to me to test and everything I say here is from my experience. 

Okay so lets begin with the review shall we?

When I first saw Nautreal, it was during the Noel Bazaar back in December. I was actually surprised that Ms. Diane and Sir Paul of Nautreal still remembered me when I saw them at the world bazaar. Ms. Diane gave me this product to try out. 

If you follow me on my youtube channel, you could've seen the comments posted on the video about this soap. As I said there this soap is a whitening soap and I actually don't need it because I already have fair skin. But because this is more than a whitening soap I tried this out to see if there is a difference. 

I actually did not put a lot of expectations in this product so I won't be disappointed after. I actually though this wouldn't work for me since I thought it would just make your skin lighter, but it did more than that. It actually made my pores a little tighter and also dried my break outs within 3 days which was kinda cool. And since this is a papaya soap I noticed that some discoloration on my face actually had lighten.

Lets go to the pros and cons shall we?


- Lightened my acne scars
- Dried up my acne
- did not break me out.
- Tightened my pores.
-Have seen results with in a week

(kinda) Cons:
-Only available online. Since they are only starting out you can purchase the complete packages thru their distributors. If you are not into that it will be a Con. ^^,

This is a great product to use because as early as 3-5 days you would see the results. It is a little pricey for some but if you are willing to spend to have great skin this can be your choice.

Will I repurchase?

Yes. maybe I'll purchase the whole set next time. But for now I will just settle for my current skin care products.

Who would I recommend this to?
To girls that are willing to spend a little more on skin care products. And this won't be a waste of your money because it really works.

Thank you again to Ms. Diane and Sir Paul of Nautreal for this product. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. ^^,

If you would like to know about this product you can contact them at 09178057036 and 09173458088. You can email your inquiries at

Much Love!

-- Alice


Chriselle Sy said... [Reply]

I'm always afraid of soaps cause I'm worried they would dry out my skin. But thank you for this post, I'll keep this company in mind :)

Cosmetic Fixation

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ chriselle -- me too! ^^, but this did not dried my skin out...only my pimples ^^,

Paul Tan said... [Reply]

hey there Alice:) Paul here of NAUTRÉAL . . surprised with your review. just saw it while browsing google:) We are glad of the results it brought to you! Thank you very much for this wonderful review :) can we repost this on our facebook page and website? =)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ paul -- sure ^^, its my pleasure I was able to review your product ^^,

Paul Tan said... [Reply]

thanks:) ill include the link as well to bring new viewers to your site:)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@paul --- really? Thank you!!! ^^,

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