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Monday, January 30, 2012

Nail of the week: A Triad of Colors

Ola ladies! I am back with a Nail of the week post. 

I haven't been doing my nails lately because I've been busy with work and I have been working out too. I just decided to do this one because I saw this patter of 3 triangles together and it kinda looked cool to do it. 

I chose 3 colors from my collection which is a mix of pink (base) purple (right side) and Caribbean blue (left side)
I'm not sure though if the colors I chose was good. Let me know what you think ayt? ^^,

Here are the things you have to do to achieve this design. By the way, The nail polishes I used in this post don't have any names so I'm really sorry if I'm unable to give you a specific brand to use but any similar color will do ^^,

1. Apply pink nail polish as base color.

2. Apply purple polish on the left side. Don't worry if its not the same as the others, you can just clean it up later ^^,

3. Apply the Carribean blue nail polish on the right side.

4. Let it dry for a few minutes before applying top coat. 

And there you have it! its a simple design and if you like triangles you can do this :) 

I am not a pro in nail art but I try to at least be good at it :) 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Chriselle Sy said... [Reply]

I really do like how you did your nails! Practice makes perfect, as they say. :) Nice color choices!


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DeBi said... [Reply]

color choice is girly! :)

Myrted said... [Reply]

Wow! Ang cool naman nyan Alice! :D

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