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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My trustee sneakers

My best pair

All girls love shoes there is no denying to that. The picture you just saw is my favorite pair of shoes. Yes! I admit I am not the kind of girl who wears heels not unless at gun point LOL.

Those are my favorite Adidas shoes. I had them since I was in college, I think I was in junior year or senior year when I had these. They were a little big on me but I had no choice back then since I terribly need a pair so I can do my errands without wearing the heels my mom bought me. I love my mom but sometimes the shoes she buys me are a killer for my feet.

I remember I bought this from a garage sale and was kinda weirded out that the original owner was 15 years old boy. My goodness! haha! I remembered he sold this to me for 400 pesos which was a steal since they were almost brand new. He just wore it twice then never wore it again. 

These shoes had been with me through hard times and good times. I really like this pair of shoes because they are uberly comfortable and it fits my style. I usually go for a casual-sporty mix which is easy to pull off. This pair had seen me in my slimmest and my heaviest but it never broke down on me....well not until now :(

I will have to let them go though since its already breaking down on me and its cramping my feet. Thank goodness I haven't been getting blisters with this one.

This pair of shoes had seen great places and been through rough times. I will just have to look for new ones I think. Adidas is kinda expensive but they are really good. I will just have to save up for new ones.

So for now I bid thee farewell my beloved shoes.

Ang drama! LOL

Tell me what is your most favorite pair of shoes and an interesting story about it on the comment box I would really like to know your stories too! :)

Much Love!

-- Alice


ces said... [Reply]

I feel you! I'd rather run around barefoot than strut wearing those killer heels. It simply isn't my thing! :D

- ces

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