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Friday, January 6, 2012

Kpop Friday: How Koreans spend their birthdays ^-^


This is a special K-pop Friday post since it is my birthday! :D

I know it seems I am becoming a Korean but I am still Filipino at heart, I just like Korean culture a lot because they are really different.

For today's post I will tell you more about the birthday culture of Koreans.

For some reason when I watch K-Dramas and their is a person celebrating their birthday, they would be given a soup made of something. I actually didn't know that it was seaweed.

Seaweed soup was originally served to women who just gave birth so they can regain the blood they lost during childbirth and also to give more nutrients for them to produce milk for their babies. This is also served to students on the night before their exams to ensure that they have a passing grade.

Why is it related you say? Well since women who just gave birth ate this, it also associates with the birth of the child...kinda confusing at first but you'll get it in time :D

I've actually found a store that serves this so I will visit that store one of these days so I can eat some yummy miyeokguk! ^^,

There are also other traditions Koreans have during a birthday celebration.

Dol or Doljanchi is the first birthday celebration. Its actually a big thing in Korea since there is a practice that they will let the child choose which profession he or she might be able to do when she grows up. This is called the Toljiabee. Usually there would be several items on the table like money, rice, pen and other items. I wish were able to do that with my niece and nephew but I pretty sure I know what they will be when they grow up ^^,

I am just really excited for my birthday tonight! :D

I'll tell you more about it next time ^^,

Much Love!

-- Alice


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